Guess where I ate today! Screens Restaurant and Sports Lounge

I feel it necessary to begin this post by explaining my connection to this all-around entertainment venue. My cousin runs the “cafe” aspect of HD Video Cafe, therefore responsible for all of the food I will mention in this article. That being said, I honestly, and thoroughly enjoyed my experience here. (In all reality, if I didn’t enjoy it, I just would’t have blogged about it!)

HD Video Cafe has a lot going for it, with multiple theater rooms that offer movies, sporting events, and can be rented for private parties. There is an outdoor patio that features live music and open mic night. The full bar (pictured below) offers a wide selection of specialty and seasonal beers that other customers seemed quite impressed with during my visit.  The menu has a wide variety of wraps, paninis, and finger foods. A selection of personal pizzas and several Italian dinners entrees are also available.

The Meal: My Tuscan Chicken Panini came with a choice of wild berry or sourdough bread, I chose the latter. I think a dressing, or sauce can make or break a sandwich. In this case, the red pepper aioli made this one awesome panini. My only complaint was the chicken could have been a bit more seasoned but if you get a bite with the aioli it was fine. My father ordered 1/2 LB. Hamburger w/ bacon which he applauded as “a damn good burger.” He appreciated the toasted roll with how juicy the burger was, since no one likes soggy buns. Both my panini and the burger were $6.99 and served with steak fries (not a favorite of mine but they were cooked perfectly.)

I’m a big prosciutto fan and this did not disappoint!

Closing Thoughts: I could think of many reasons to take the ride out to their location on Transit in Williamsville. The food, the bar, the the impressive theater equipment (costing more than some houses in the village of kenmore). Whether for a party, a game, or just dinner, I would recommend HD Video Cafe.

Update: HD Video Cafe has changed their name and is now known as Screens Restaurant and Sports Lounge.

Hd Video Cafe on Urbanspoon


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