Guess where I ate today! The Delaware

   Myself and probably most of kenmore watched in anticipation as a former ice cream shop was renovated into a multi-story restaurant. I’ve been dying to try The Delaware since it opened a few months ago. I had doubts about it’s ability to compete with the two restaurants directly across the street, but I now see how it succeeds.

The building’s decor is clean and industrial with a teacher podium turned hostess station and a firehidrant converted into a “Please Wait to Be Seated” sign. There is also a second floor loft area that I was hoping to be seated in. Seeing as they weren’t all that busy at 5:00pm on a Saturday, we were seated on the ground level. The owner was very friendly, he brought us water and came around to check on our meal.

The Meal: I wanted to start the meal with the Pork and Cheddar Tater-tots which turned out to be more “croquettes” than tots. The serving size was perfect for my family (3 tots-3 people) however it would be difficult to share in a large party. Being a cheese fan, I would have preferred more cheddar than pork, but for $4.50 they were a good way to start the meal.

As I previously mentioned, I enjoy cheese, a lot, so it comes as no surprise that I ordered the Mac’n’Chevre which was served with a grilled chicken breast. The blend of cheeses included a goat cheese that definitely gave this dish a gourmet twist. As with most all cheese dishes, it was very filling, and enjoyable. My mom and dad both ordered burgers. My mom is very particular about burgers, she likes them pink on the inside, which many restaurants don’t comply with. She was very impressed that her Pretzel-Wik Burger was cooked to perfection. My dad also said his Delaware Burger was very good and juicy.


Closing Thoughts: Having had doubts about this restaurant in the past, I was very impressed to find a clean, comfortable, relatively inexpensive restaurant with good food. The menu is not huge so the pickiest of eaters may have difficulty finding something, but I’m sure for the most part it will not be an issue. I am happy that The Delaware is in my own backyard, and I think we will be back very soon.

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One Response to “Guess where I ate today! The Delaware”
  1. Sounds like a cool place, Nick! I like that your Mom’s burger came on a pretzel roll. We used to buy them all the time when we lived in Germany! I think I’d like to go to this place. 🙂

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