I remember when…Schwabl’s

This is the first of a series of posts where I will describe past dining experiences. Obviously all my dining experiences are in the past since I do not blog while I’m eating but these are stories from before I had the blog that I just have to share. Because of this, these posts will not contain pictures (unless I go back and revisit the restaurant)

Schwabl’s has been a well known buffalo landmark for generations (a lot of generations considering they began in 1837.) My dad and I were in West Seneca and had an hour or so to grab dinner, and neither of us being all too familiar with the area, we chose what we thought was a safe, reliable, delicious option. For those of you not familiar with the restaurant, it is built into an old house, with an added addition for the kitchen area.  When I say old house, I’m not referring to a large mansion such as Tempo, I’m talking a house, a small house. They squeeze a decent number of tables into the space and they weren’t too busy at the time of our dinner so we did not have to wait for a table. The tables are positioned a little too closely for my comfort. Both my dad and I had to ask others to move in so we could get out of our seats. The wait staff is very friendly and easy to talk to, our waitress even went out of her way to mention that they were getting to a section of the beef that was cooked rare and if that would be alright with us.

The Meal: Both my dad and I ordered Roast Beef on Weck as I think you ought to at a restaurant that is known for it. I have absolutely no complaints about the taste of the food. I believe the beef was cooked well, and there wasn’t too much salt on the roll which tends to be a problem at some restaurants. Forgive me if it sounds like I am rattling off a list of complaints here, but there are several to mention. The roast beef, as good as it tasted was very small for the price. Knowing that I can get a very nice portion of beef from Vizzi’s, I was disappointed with the amount I received here as both restaurants charge $8.95 for the sandwich. We ordered a side of fries which was $3.25 and was not large at all. Glasses for pop were small and if I remember correctly, we were charged for refills.

Closing Thoughts: Having achieved two of my Top 5: Restaurant Pet-Peeves in one meal, I was not impressed at all by Schwabl’s. I know they have a very loyal customer base that swear by this place, I am just not one of them.
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One Response to “I remember when…Schwabl’s”
  1. Erin says:

    Try Connor’s Restaurant in West Seneca for Beek on Weck next time! Love it there!

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