Guess where I ate today! Wegman’s Market Cafe

As promised, I’m sharing my dining experience at my favorite larger supermarket (Dash’s being my favorite small market in case you were wondering). I assume most people would not think of grabbing dinner from Wegman’s especially when you don’t have shopping to do, but on the recommendation of one of my mom’s coworkers, we’ve been eating here for several months.

The Meal: With more options than most restaurants, this is a good place to head when everyone in the family is in the mood for something different. Subs, pizza, wings, sushi, gourmet sandwiches, pasta bowls, hot foods bar, cold foods bar, buritto station, like I said, a lot of options. Today both my mom and I opted for the hot and cold bars. These are buffet style bars that offer a variety of options including many Chinese choices at the hot food bar. I got a ham and cheese wrap, tortellini salad, cous cous stuffed sweet pepper, lemon pepper chicken, Mexican pork and cheese torta, a chinese meatball, and blueberry white chocolate bread pudding. My mom got a similar selection including fried rice and a egg roll. For a place that does not specialize in any particular type of food, they seem to be able to pull off many nationalities with perfection. The lemon pepper chicken was crispy and flavorful, the mexican pork torta was basically a lasagna made with pulled pork and a variety of cheeses, which was also quite good and the pasta was still soft which is how I prefer it. The tortellini salad and cous cous stuffed pepper was also very nice and I had no complaints on either dish. Something about the wrap rubbed me the wrong way, possibly it was a day-old but that’s sometimes expected in a buffet like this. The highlight of the meal was by far the blueberry white chocolate bread pudding. Combining two of my favorite things (blueberries and white chocolate) this was the perfect way to end the meal. All the food always tastes fresh and natural and many healthy options are available.

The food is sold by the pound ($7.49 per lb).

Closing thoughts: I don’t know exactly how much each container weighed but for the two plates, a $2.99 Cranberry-Lime Frizzante (european style soda) and a fountain pop, our total came to about $23 which I don’t think is too bad considering the amount of food we got and the selection of food you can choose from. I also want to mention that this is a fantastic opportunity to try new foods without having to commit to ordering a whole plate of it at a restaurant. I’ve personally tried tofu and salmon for the first time at Wegman’s. I would urge everyone to keep Wegman’s in mind not just for groceries, but for dinner too!

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