Guess where I ate today! Pano’s

Another local Buffalo favorite, Pano’s on elmwood has become a recent favorite of my family which is why my grandmother chose here to take our family for my Dad’s 50th Birthday. As many have said in the past, this place does not serve the best food in the area, but it’s a safe place that most people could find something to eat at for a pretty decent price. Going during the Elmwood Festival of the Arts, I imagined that we would have a long wait, thankfully I imagined wrong as we only waited two minutes because we requested a table rather than a booth and they had to clean one off for us. The decor is warm and welcoming, and very appealing. Although we did not sit on it, the outdoor patio also adds to the atmosphere in more than just a positive way. With the restaurant being very open to the patio, there were an abundance of flies throughout the restaurant. Flies are an understandable nuisance but bees are a legitimate danger to anyone who is allergic, but nonetheless, not something one should have to worry about while sitting inside a restaurant. I have eaten here before with the windows open and have not run into the bee issue before but I felt it was something worth mentioning.

The Meal: With nothing appealing to me on the Daily Specials menu, I ordered my standby dish here, Chicken Salonika which is a pasta dish with feta, goat cheese, artichokes, and tomatoes. Pretty straight forward dish, if you like the individual ingredients you would like this dish. With the amount of pasta I received, there wasn’t enough sauce to really coat each piece so I ended up eating some plain pasta. Both my mom and grandma ordered Chicken Parmigiana which they both enjoyed, but I tried a piece of the chicken and I did not like the breading but that was just a personal preference. My grandpa and dad ordered steaks, the Cowboy Steak for my grandpa and my dad chose his standby, the NY Strip Steak. The asparagus that was served with both steaks was cooked well and enjoyable. The steaks were also cooked well but were served in a sauce that was too salty and took away from the steak rather than complementing it. They both agreed the steak would have been much better without the sauce and in all reality, didn’t need it.








Closing Thoughts: This restaurant makes for a good standby for a casual dinner or lunch or even breakfast I suppose. Again, not the best food to be found in the area, but it’s served in a very attractive restaurant with friendly service.
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