Guess where I ate today! Salvatore’s Italian Gardens Restaurant

Well here it is, my first “$$$$” restaurant blog posting. Where could be better for my first pricey post than Salvatore’s Italian Gardens Restaurant. In the last leg in my Dad’s 50th Birthday celebration, we ventured down transit to a favorite of our family. For a Saturday night they were not busy and we were seated within five minutes of our reserved time. Our waiter left a little to be desired in the personality department, but he was almost what I think of when picturing waiters at a high end restaurant. The young man that poured our water, spilled a good portion of the pitcher on the table, which cut the tension of awkward stuffiness in the air and gave us all a good laugh. I want to apologize in advance for the lack of picture quality in this blog post. I wasn’t sure if it was really proper etiquette to pull out one’s blackberry out and take pictures of the food at Salvatore’s which didn’t stop me, but I did try to do it quicker and discretely than usual. Also dim lighting did not help matters.

Being me, I had done my homework and prepared my menu for this excursion well in advance so I didn’t have to look at the menu long. Both my mom and I took advantage of the “Three for Thirty Three” which included a soup or salad, entree, and dessert. My caesar salad was good, nothing too spectacular considering it is after all a salad. For the entree course I ordered Chicken Milanese which was served with White Truffle Gnocchi.  Trying it for the first time early this summer, I have come to love gnocchi and it is one of the first items I look for at an italian restaurant. I had the option of making it my entire entree course, but I thought for $33, I should at least get some protein in my meal. The two panko breaded chicken cutlets were a good size and cooked well. The breading got a little soggy on the bottom after sitting awhile which can be somewhat displeasing. As for the gnocchi, it was delicious, but I standby my decision to not make it my entire main course. It was extremely filling to the point that I could not even finish the side of it on my plate.             

We started our meal that night with the Spinach and Sausage Flatbreads for $7 a piece. Both were very good, and I was impressed by the fact that they were cut well, and did not require addition use of a knife or fingers to tear the pieces apart.

Sorry to be short with both my parent’s dishes but there isn’t a whole lot to say. My mom ordered the Pasta Bolognese and my father chose the N.Y. Strip Steak. The steak was cooked as asked and was served with “potato anna” which appeared to be stacked layers of potato’s au gruten. My mom’s pasta was served in a large portion and tasted good. My mom and I both had Cheesecake for dessert which had to be forced down after this large meal.


Overall, the meal was good, it was Salvatore’s, it was how it’s always been at Salvatore’s. I have to mention the music situation that occurred when I was there. We were not seated in the lounge, but could hear the live music that was being played. We could also hear the music that came from the speaker system throughout the restaurant. This overlap wasn’t really bothersome, just interesting to point out. I also want to thank Salvatore’s for the many donations they’ve made for charity events my mom has been involved in, they’ve always been willing to donate for whatever the cause. For a special dinner, or if you just have a good chunk of change burning a hole in your pocket and you happen to be hungry, I would recommend Salvatore’s Italian Gardens Restaurant

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