Guess where I ate today! Kosta’s Family

 I love greek food. It’s not something I have all the time so when I do get it, it makes it that much more enjoyable. I recently went to Kosta’s on Hertel to get my fix of some greek cuisine. The restaurant is nice, looking fairly more attractive than your average run of the mill greek restaurant. I went when they weren’t too busy but with the amount of seating they have I doubt the wait is ever too long.  Our server was very polite and attentive but not to the point that it seemed phony as waiters can sometimes be. The picture of the spanikopita makes it appear smaller than it actually is as I had already cut a large piece of it off before I remembered I had to take a picture. The gyro picture is also taken at a strange angle because I forgot to photograph it before taking a bite. What can I say, I was hungry.

We began our meal with an order of Spanakopita which was flaky and delicious.  For my meal,  I ordered what I had been craving for a while, a Lamb Gyro. I was a little disappointed with the flavor of the lamb. It lacked the flavor I’m accustom to in a gyro. The tzatziki was delicious which is important to me as it’s probably my favorite component of greek food. The flavor that the lamb lacked was gained by the fries as they were seasoned well which made them more than just average fries. My mom ordered the Greek Burger which had great flavor and cooked as she requested it. The burger was a pretty good size, again nothing compared to Vizzi’s but good nonetheless.


Overall, this place is worth it if you’re in the mood for some decent greek food. I want to apologize for my lack of posts lately. Work from two AP classes occupies much of my spare time that I used to spend blogging. Because of this, I have built up a few restaurants that I will post soon.
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