Guess where I ate today! Brodo Soup and Wine Bar

After some post-Christmas shopping at the Walden Galleria, I had worked up quite an appetite. Seeing the long lines at the mall restaurants (none of which I’m a major fan of besides maybe P F Changs), mom and I decided to skip the food court and go to Brodo Soup and Wine Bar on Main in Snyder. I was excited to try them, having heard about a menu item that really peaked my interest and being a cold day I was really in the mood for soup. The inside of the restaurant is great, kind of a weird table lay out but hey, who am I to judge. One touch I really appreciated was that all the art work on the walls were for sale, not that I would ever buy any of it…nonetheless still pretty cool! They had a steady supply of clientele for lunch service on a Monday afternoon, but there was no wait for a table.

When you go to a soup bar, you have to get soup. I love soup, all kinds of soup. My mom and I both ordered the Cream of Mushroom ($3.5), which was heavier on the mushroom, to my disappointment, however it was very good and would certainly order it again. So the dish I was so excited to try was the Duck Quesadilla ($9.95). Having never had a game meat in a quesadilla before, I thought this would be interesting. The quesadilla included fontina cheese, caramelized onions, and a mango chutney on a bed on field greens. This is what I ordered, however this is not what was brought when our entrees came. I was brought a foccia, which smelled delicious, but not what I ordered. After waiting an additional ten minutes for the kitchen to prepare my quesadilla, I was presented with a wonderful smelling dish. Unfortunately the food did not taste as good as it smelled. The duck was cooked well and drew no complaints from me. The chutney was delicious, I could have eaten a bowl of it. Serving it top of the field greens made for a wonderfully simple salad. All components of this dish were executed well, but when combined, it just didn’t work for me. I can’t exactly put my finger on what it was, my best guess is that it was the combination of fontina cheese and the starchiness of the white tortilla shell. I like fontina cheese, but I’ve always had it on a pizza were it was surrounded by much different favors than in a quesadilla. I guess the moral of the story is, don’t be like me and order this dish just based on the novelty of having a duck quesadilla.

Although our waitress did bring me the wrong dish, she did come over to fully apologize and explain what had happened so all is forgiven on that front. She even offered me a cup of soup on the house, and if I hadn’t already had one and wanted to save room for my meal, I would have certainly taken her up on that offer as my soup was the best part of my meal. The dipping oil that was served at the beginning of the meal was also very good, some of the best I’ve ever had. I would definitely be willing to give Brodo another chance very soon, trying a different entree, maybe a foccia as the one that was mistakenly brought to me smelled and looked very good. Overall it was a decent experience, and I will surely keep you updated on my future visit.

As an avid supporter of local businesses, I’d like to take a minute to wish the best to the owner of Initially Yours boutique, directly across the street from Brodo who experienced a devastating fire Wednesday night which destroyed the business.

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