Guess where I ate today! La Tolteca

Upon recommendation by Mark Miller from Ice & Bites, I recently found myself at La Tolteca on Transit in Williamsville. I had been in the mood for some good Mexican food which I have not gotten in awhile, as you would understand from a comment on the El Palenque write up. Being in the Southtowns visiting my grandparents, we took a ride down Transit Road to get to this fantastically decorated Mexican Restaurant. Real estate being one of my other interests, the decor and building it’s self was the first thing I noticed, as with all restaurants. I was very impressed by the interior that has a very warm traditional Spanish feeling that puts some other Mexican restaurants to shame. They have several locations in Delaware and Pennsylvania, but this is there only WNY location.

There was a steady flow of customers for a Sunday afternoon, more than I had expected, but we did not have to wait to be seated. Our waitress Tina was very polite and answered questions we had about the menu. She brought us the standard appetizer of chips and salsa, the chips are homemade and the salsa was awesome, very heavy on cilantro which I loved. I ordered the Enchiladas Poblanas which included three chicken enchiladas topped with a poblano sauce, served with rice and a salad ($10.99). The chicken was finely shredded in the enchiladas and had a lot of flavor. The poblano sauce reminded me of a Molé and had a great depth of flavor. My rice seemed a little over cooked to me, however my mom said hers was cooked fine.
For her entree my mom ordered a Combination Dinner that was served with rice and beans ($8.99). She chose a Bean Burrito and a Chile Relleno. She enjoyed the burrito, the Chilie Relleno however was not such a success. We have both had Chile Rellenos before, but none like this. This was served wrapped in egg, like just a big piece of egg. I’ve never had them served like that before, and hope I never do again as I did not enjoy it at all. Even after removing the egg, trying to salvage what was left of a typically enjoyable dish, neither of us enjoyed the pepper or the cheese inside of it.

I would certainly return to La Tolteca, and even make it a standard in my repertoire for Mexican restaurants, however I would make sure never to order the Chilie Rellenos, unless your an egg person. Great atmosphere, great service, and pretty good food for a very good price.

La Tolteca Mexican Restaurante on Urbanspoon


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