Guess where I ate today! Black Rock Kitchen & Bar

Well Friday was my birthday and since I couldn’t convince my parents to take me Tempo, we went to Black Rock Kitchen & Bar. We arrived around 6pm, and didn’t have a problem getting a table as the restaurant was just filling up. As for a description of the interior, you could just read my post from Vera Pizza as they’re set up just about the same, large bar taking up the left wall, bench seating on the right with tables. Slightly more seating than Vera but not nearly as cool of a decor, although I did appreciate the tin ceiling and transom windows. For the fact that they transformed an empty building in a neighborhood most would shy away from  into a pretty respectable restaurant, I salute them. By them of course I mean the proprietors of Allen Street Hardware. 
My meal started with Pellegrino, at the inflated price of $6 (twice what it was at Vera for the exact same bottle). For my meal I ordered the Portobello Burger with goat cheese and caramelized onions on an egg roll ($10). As far as vegetarian meals go, this was a pretty good one. There were two pieces of mushroom, one much larger than the other but still made for a pretty nice sized burger. The goat cheese was melted well, the onions were caramelized, and the bun toasted to perfection.

My companions (an ode to the great Janice Okun) both enjoyed their meals as well. My dad ordered the Strip Steak Sandwich with provolone. He was a little concerned when it first arrived at the table as the steak was not sliced, which gave the impression the sandwich may not be tender. Luckily his first impression was wrong, as the steak was very extremely tender. We also overheard the bartender saying this was his favorite dish, which is always a good sign. My mom had the Chicken & Spinach Panini with ricotta and mushrooms. Her only complaint was that the bread got slightly soggy on the bottom and like me, she’s not a fan of soggy bread. All of our meals came with some of the most delicious, crispy, well seasoned fries I’ve ever had.

I really had a great time at BRKB. I do have to say the menu may freak a few people out at first, but there really is something for everyone. For a point of reference, our bill came out to about $50, but remember that’s without apps, dessert, or alcoholic beverages. I intend of returning soon, hopefully when the Fois Gras French Toast from the original menu, is available again.

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