About Nick

My name is Nick LoBrutto, I’m photo17 years old and live in Kenmore. My father is a former local restauranteur which is where I developed my love and strong support for local restaurants. Having seen first hand how hard it is to make a go of a local restaurant, I would like to use my blog in part to help promote independant restaurants in the Buffalo area. My parents have afforded me the opportunity to dine at many restaurants throughout the area and I have decided to share my experiences in hopes of turning some “chain restaurant lovers” into honorary foodies. During the academic year I unfortunately do not publish as many reviews as I would like as my studies in the International Baccalaureate Programme at Kenmore West keep me very busy. That being said, I will try to keep up the writing during the school year but more often during the summer. After all, it’s not that I ever stop eating out so I always have restaurants to write up.  I will be sharing stories from the past along with new dinning experiences as they happen. I am always looking for recommendations on new restaurants to try and suggestions from the readers,  I hope you enjoy.

Please feel free to contact me by email lobruttonicholas2014@gmail.com

Also don’t hesitate to add me on my personal facebook which you can find in the Facebook Like Box on the homepage

One Response to “About Nick”
  1. Lynn Chase says:

    Hi Nick-I grew up with your mom. Its the first time Ive read your blog–very impressive!! You give great descriptions of not only the food,but also price and atmosphere. Im going to add you on facebook. Looking forward to trying out the restaurants also. I think its amazing that you are doing this to promote independent restaurants!!

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