Top 5: Restaurant Pet-Peeves

I wrote the list before I wrote this introduction, so as I was writing my list I realized that I may sound a little picky or demanding with some of these but these are the things that can make a great dining experience, go bad fast. Great service can also make me look past minor … Continue reading

Top 5: Favorite Take-Out Items

As much as I would like to, I can’t go out to a sit down dinner every night of the week. My family are big take out fans, so here are my favorite take out dishes, in no particular order. 1. Chicken Corden Bleu Sub from Pepe’s 2. Stir-fry Chicken w/ Egg noodle from Red … Continue reading

Top 5: Restaurants I want to try this summer

Limited by being a teenager, lack of a driver’s license, and relatively small cash flow, I don’t always get to go to every restaurant my heart (or stomach) desires. That being said, these are five restaurants that I am hoping to be able to try this summer 1. Bambino Bar and Kitchen 2. Blue Monk … Continue reading