Guess where I ate today! Screens Restaurant and Sports Lounge

I feel it necessary to begin this post by explaining my connection to this all-around entertainment venue. My cousin runs the “cafe” aspect of HD Video Cafe, therefore responsible for all of the food I will mention in this article. That being said, I honestly, and thoroughly enjoyed my experience here. (In all reality, if I didn’t enjoy … Continue reading

Guess where I ate today! Joe’s NY Deli

Who doesn’t like a good sandwich? I happened to be in the mood for one today so we took a ride down Colvin to Joe’s NY Deli. For those of you not familiar with this modern-day delicatessen, Joe’s occupies the former Masterman’s location on the corner of Hertel and Colvin. The menu offers a wide … Continue reading

What to look forward to

It’s been a couple days since my last post and I would like to keep you updated as to what is to come on the blog. I now have my own domain which means I can make the blog a little more interactive, as well as link my reviews with Urbanspoon. Speaking of reviews, I hope … Continue reading

Top 5: Restaurants I want to try this summer

Limited by being a teenager, lack of a driver’s license, and relatively small cash flow, I don’t always get to go to every restaurant my heart (or stomach) desires. That being said, these are five restaurants that I am hoping to be able to try this summer 1. Bambino Bar and Kitchen 2. Blue Monk … Continue reading

Guess where I ate today!: Acropolis on elmwood

On this beautiful, hot, sunny day, my mother and I decided to head down to elmwood to grab lunch. I had heard a lot of good things about the recently renovated Acropolis.  My first impressions: This place seems small. The seating in the restaurant is a little limited, but the outdoor patio makes up for that … Continue reading

Hello Buffalo!

My name is Nick and I created this blog because I believe there’s a niche in the buffalo food community that hasn’t yet been addressed, buffalo restaurants from a teenager’s perspective. As someone that loves buffalo, and the restaurants here, I thought I would give a new view on food. I hope you find my … Continue reading