Niagara Holiday Market

In early December, I was invited to take part in a food tasting at the Niagara Holiday Market for local food writers and bloggers. I had read about the outdoor holiday market on Old Falls Street in historic Niagara Falls, and was excited to check it out. I brought along a friend of mine for … Continue reading

Guess where I ate today! Kosta’s Family

 I love greek food. It’s not something I have all the time so when I do get it, it makes it that much more enjoyable. I recently went to Kosta’s on Hertel to get my fix of some greek cuisine. The restaurant is nice, looking fairly more attractive than your average run of the mill greek … Continue reading

Guess where I ate today! El Palenque Mexican Restaurant

  Anytime my mom and I are tasked with getting dinner for just the two of us, we usually try to eat somewhere that we wouldn’t get to if we were with my dad. My dad not being the biggest fan of Mexican cuisine, we chose El Palenque to grab dinner on a recent night. Both the … Continue reading

Guess where I ate today! Wegman’s Market Cafe

As promised, I’m sharing my dining experience at my favorite larger supermarket (Dash’s being my favorite small market in case you were wondering). I assume most people would not think of grabbing dinner from Wegman’s especially when you don’t have shopping to do, but on the recommendation of one of my mom’s coworkers, we’ve been eating here … Continue reading

Guess where I ate today! Vizzi’s

  Being only three tenths of a mile from my house, it is a crime that I have only recently dined at Vizzi’s. In a relatively small, unassuming building they are serving the best burger I have ever had. On a Friday evening there was a 25 minute wait which didn’t seem bad as there was an … Continue reading

Top 5: Favorite Take-Out Items

As much as I would like to, I can’t go out to a sit down dinner every night of the week. My family are big take out fans, so here are my favorite take out dishes, in no particular order. 1. Chicken Corden Bleu Sub from Pepe’s 2. Stir-fry Chicken w/ Egg noodle from Red … Continue reading

Guess where I ate today! The Delaware

   Myself and probably most of kenmore watched in anticipation as a former ice cream shop was renovated into a multi-story restaurant. I’ve been dying to try The Delaware since it opened a few months ago. I had doubts about it’s ability to compete with the two restaurants directly across the street, but I now see how it … Continue reading

Guess where I ate today! Joe’s NY Deli

Who doesn’t like a good sandwich? I happened to be in the mood for one today so we took a ride down Colvin to Joe’s NY Deli. For those of you not familiar with this modern-day delicatessen, Joe’s occupies the former Masterman’s location on the corner of Hertel and Colvin. The menu offers a wide … Continue reading

Guess where I ate today!: Acropolis on elmwood

On this beautiful, hot, sunny day, my mother and I decided to head down to elmwood to grab lunch. I had heard a lot of good things about the recently renovated Acropolis.  My first impressions: This place seems small. The seating in the restaurant is a little limited, but the outdoor patio makes up for that … Continue reading