Guess where I ate today! Vera Pizza

Well this is one I’ve been wanting to try for awhile, so when my parents gave me card-blanche to pick any restaurant to dine at (within a reasonable price range) I chose Vera Pizza on Lexington. So this place is small, really small. From an early blueprint I found on Buffalo Rising, there’s seating for … Continue reading

Guess where I ate today! The Grapevine

So, I can honestly say I was not overly enthusiastic about trying this place. I don’t know, it reminded me as kind of a bland, “eh” restaurant, but for some reason my parents were very excited to try it, I guess based on commercials (that I’ve never seen) and a personal recommendation. I understand they … Continue reading

Guess where I ate today! Bambino Bar and Kitchen

  While my mom was attending the Scinta’s concert in North Tonawanda, my dad and I went to dinner at Bambino Bar and Kitchen on franklin in the city. I’ve been on a kick lately, trying to visit new restaurants while they’re still “new.” Having opened early this year, and having had much written on it since … Continue reading

Guess where I ate today! Pano’s

Another local Buffalo favorite, Pano’s on elmwood has become a recent favorite of my family which is why my grandmother chose here to take our family for my Dad’s 50th Birthday. As many have said in the past, this place does not serve the best food in the area, but it’s a safe place that most … Continue reading