Guess where I ate today! The Buffalo Brew Pub

 This is a restaurant that I’ve been a fan of for awhile now, the Brew Pub at Main and Transit. My family discovered this home grown gem a few years ago when we attended a Doctor Andy’s Day for Kids fundraiser that was held here. Ever since that we’ve been coming back, me at least … Continue reading

Guess where I ate today! La Tolteca

Upon recommendation by Mark Miller from Ice & Bites, I recently found myself at La Tolteca on Transit in Williamsville. I had been in the mood for some good Mexican food which I have not gotten in awhile, as you would understand from a comment on the El Palenque write up. Being in the Southtowns … Continue reading

Guess where I ate today! Screens Restaurant and Sports Lounge

I feel it necessary to begin this post by explaining my connection to this all-around entertainment venue. My cousin runs the “cafe” aspect of HD Video Cafe, therefore responsible for all of the food I will mention in this article. That being said, I honestly, and thoroughly enjoyed my experience here. (In all reality, if I didn’t enjoy … Continue reading